Pitching Event for Ideas Scouted and Linkage with Innovation Ambassador for Mentorship Support organized by ISE Department GNDEC Bidar on 20/01/2022

 Title: Pitching Event for Ideas Scouted and Linkage with Innovation Ambassador for Mentorship     Support

Organizer:  Information Science & Engineering Department in association with IIC GNDEC

Coordinators: Prof. Sangameshwar Kawdimath  / Dr. Anup Elia


· Pitching creative ideas & problem identification.

· Guidance and training on setting up goals by Innovation Ambassadors.

· Ambassadors should mentor to build up innovator’s ideas and set the context for challenges & opportunities. 


· Organized one-day Pitching Event for Ideas Scouted & linkage with Innovation Ambassadors for mentorship support for the Students in our campus wherein it enables the students to provide the suitable platform to pitch their creative ideas related to various sectors and encouraged them to provide suitable guidance and training to build up their innovation from the ambassadors.

· Following are the key ideas pitched from the student participants: 

§ GeJob App ( Labor Job Seeking App)

§ Human Gadgets (Secured Safety Life)

§ Take Care Alert App (Watch with medicine alert system for unhealthy people or grandparents)

§ Smart refrigerator

§ Alert system of bus to students

§ Telemedicine app for aged people

§ To create a proper connection between a tenant and house owners.

§ Education and career guidance

§ Cloud kitchen

§ Agriculture online marketing

§ Food delivery app

§ Improving the cyber security

§ Event management App

§ Linkedin for Sport

§ Women entrepreneurship and women empowerment

§ Health care system improvements

§ Jaitra (Helmet on Rent)

§ Establishing Design Center for design and verification of Open-Source ISA using RISC V Instruction Set Architecture 


· Provides perfect platform for the participants to become an independent innovators.

· Encourages participants to mentor their innovative ideas to meet the present challenges and the opportunities.



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